FTX Bankruptcy Draws Unprecedented Interest: 117 Parties Express Interest

• FTX creditor claims are being sold on the bankruptcy marketplace Xclaim for around 13 cents on the dollar.
• This is in contrast to the higher prices that failed companies Voyager Digital, BlockFi and Celsius Network are getting.
• Around 117 parties have expressed an interest in buying units of FTX, with a deadline for initial bids approaching.

As the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, an increasing number of companies are entering bankruptcy proceedings. Among those currently in bankruptcy proceedings is FTX, a legal filing posted Sunday revealed. With 117 parties expressing an interest in buying units of FTX, the bankruptcy case has seen an unprecedented level of interest from both creditors and buyers.

The claims trading platform Xclaim has been at the forefront of this process, providing a marketplace for FTX creditor claims to be bought and sold. According to data released by the site, the $91.7 million in FTX creditor claims listed on the platform are going for around 13 cents on the dollar. This is a stark contrast to the much higher prices that failed companies Voyager Digital, BlockFi and Celsius Network are getting, with claims trading at 41 cents, 28.5 cents and 18.5 cents, respectively.

Xclaim’s chief strategy officer, Andrew Glantz, says the discount is occurring due to the lack of public information available about the claims. He added that this lack of information is making it difficult for buyers to accurately assess the value of the units they are looking to purchase. Glantz also noted that this is the first time the claims trading platform has seen so many potential buyers in a single bankruptcy case.

The deadline for initial bids is fast approaching, and with so much interest in the case, FTX’s creditors are hoping to get the best possible deal for their claims. While the exact outcome remains to be seen, one thing is for certain: FTX’s creditors will be watching the situation closely over the coming weeks.

Fed Interest Rates Could Help NFTs Recover From Crypto Winter

• One of the leading artists in Web3, Ovie Faruq, believes that the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates is one way for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to recover from the crypto winter.
• Blockchain data tracker CryptoSlam reported that global NFT sales declined by 89% in November from a peak of $5 billion in January.
• Faruq recently created „Market Wizards“ for CoinDesk’s Most Influential 2022, which sold for 41 ETH on crypto exchange Coinbase (COIN).

Ovie Faruq, one of the leading artists in Web3, recently spoke out about the potential for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to bounce back from the crypto winter. Faruq, who is also known as OSF, told CoinDesk TV’s „First Mover“ on Thursday that the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates would give equities room to rally, thereby providing the runway for digital collectibles to rise again.

It’s no secret that the global NFT market has suffered, with blockchain data tracker CryptoSlam reporting that global NFT sales declined by 89% in November from a peak of $5 billion in January. This nosedive has been largely influenced by the Fed raising interest rates in the face of all-time high inflation coupled with „tourist money“ swiftly leaving the market. This has left retail investors in a tough spot, according to Faruq.

However, Faruq believes that NFTs may have increased utility down the road as users move toward digital identities. Faruq said that „this general change in secular trends, that’s something that will not change and will continue to escalate and become a larger part of our lives.“ To demonstrate this, Faruq recently created „Market Wizards“ for CoinDesk’s Most Influential 2022, a piece that sold for 41 ETH on crypto exchange Coinbase (COIN).

Overall, Faruq believes that NFTs have the potential to make a comeback, especially if the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates. He believes that there will be a lot of art that comes out of this year that will be something that will potentially have a lot of value in the future, as collectors look for pieces that reflect the current moment.

Crypto Markets Failed in 2021 Due to Human Actions: A Lesson for All

• 2021 was a difficult year for crypto markets, with massive financial losses for investors due to a variety of factors.
• The failure of the crypto markets is not due to a failure of technology – the Bitcoin blockchain, for example, continues to add blocks of transactions to its ledger day in, day out.
• The failure of crypto markets in 2021 is due to the actions of the community of humans who have gathered around these technologies, and there is mass collective responsibility for the theft, deception and breach of trust that has occurred.

The past year has been a difficult one for the cryptocurrency markets, with investors suffering immense financial losses due to a variety of factors. While the technology itself has remained robust, with the Bitcoin blockchain, for example, continuing to add blocks of transactions to its ledger day in, day out, it is the actions of the community of humans who have gathered around these technologies that have resulted in the failures of the crypto markets in 2021.

The theft, deception and breach of trust that has occurred is something for which there is mass collective responsibility. This is not something that can be attributed to the actions of just a few people, but rather something that has happened on the watch of the entire cryptocurrency community.

The events of 2021 have been a hard lesson for many investors who were drawn to cryptocurrencies due to the potential of fixing or replacing an exclusionary, extractive, outdated global financial system. However, if there is to be any positive takeaway from the wealth destruction of 2021, it is the reminder that the global, decentralized networks of computers running Bitcoin, Ethereum and other permissionless blockchain protocols continue to forge systems for intermediary-free value exchange with which no one person or entity can interfere, regardless of the ups and downs of markets. The presence and persistence of these vast autonomous machines is an awe-inspiring reminder of the potential of these technologies and the importance of the cryptocurrency community to ensure that these technologies are used for good.

FTX Customers Fight for $1.94B Locked Assets: Judge to Decide

• Lawyers representing FTX.com’s non-U.S. customers have filed a motion asking a Delaware judge to rule that customer assets locked in the collapsed exchange are customer property, not property of the FTX estate.
• The ad hoc committee of international creditors represents 18 international customers of FTX with a collective $1.94 billion in assets locked on the FTX platform.
• Erin Broderick, one of the ad hoc committee’s attorneys, suggested that FTX could be keeping quiet about what to do with customer funds due to needing them to defray operating costs.

Lawyers representing FTX.com’s non-U.S. customers have taken action in an attempt to secure customer assets locked in the collapsed exchange. On Wednesday, the ad hoc committee of international creditors filed a motion with a Delaware judge asking for a ruling that customer assets are customer property – not property of the FTX estate.

The ad hoc committee is made up of 18 international customers of FTX who have a collective $1.94 billion in assets locked on the platform. According to the terms of service on the platform, these customer assets belong to the customers and FTX had no right to touch them.

However, Erin Broderick, a Chicago-based lawyer with the firm Eversheds Sutherland and one of the ad hoc committee’s attorneys, suggested that FTX could be keeping quiet about the issue of customer funds for a different reason. She believes that the legal and executive fees in the case are enormous, and that FTX could be pushing back in order to find a way to pay these fees.

The ad hoc committee’s motion is clearly asking for the ownership of customer assets to be clarified, but the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors has remained silent on the issue. According to Broderick, this could be because voicing an opinion on the ownership of customer assets could be a conflict of interest – since the official committee is composed entirely of FTX.com customers.

The motion has been filed, and the case is now in a “wait and see” situation. Until a ruling is made, the fate of customer assets is still up in the air. Customers of FTX will be watching closely and hoping for the best outcome.

Bitcoin Dodges Losses in U.S. Stocks Despite Fed Pivot Fears

• Bitcoin (BTC) has avoided losses in U.S. stocks as strong economic data makes investors reconsider expectations that the Federal Reserve will pivot anytime soon to a more dovish monetary policy.
• The Central Bank of Indonesia white paper on the development of the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) envisions a world with a government-sanctioned payment layer.
• Bitcoin (BTC) was flat over the past 24 hours, on a day where U.S. stocks sold off.

The prices of Bitcoin (BTC) have managed to dodge the losses seen in U.S. stocks as strong economic data has caused investors to reconsider their expectations that the Federal Reserve will pivot anytime soon to a more dovish monetary policy. The CoinDesk Market Index (CMI) was 796.34, up 0.4%, with BTC trading above $16,817 and Ether (ETH) trading around $1,217, up 0.3%. The S&P 500 daily close was 3,822.39, down 1.4%, and gold was $1,801, down 0.8%.

The Central Bank of Indonesia has recently released a white paper on the development of the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC). This document envisions a world with a government-sanctioned payment layer and a digital monetary system that is more efficient, secure, and transparent than the current financial system. It also emphasizes the need for an open platform that would enable financial inclusion and promote innovation in the payments space.

Bitcoin (BTC) has held its own throughout the day, despite the sell-off in U.S. stocks. The largest cryptocurrency by market volume was trading above $16,800, down just 0.01% over 24 hours. Meanwhile, positive economic data has revived fears that the Federal Reserve may need to keep tightening monetary policy longer than expected – a trend that has put downward pressure on risky asset prices all year. According to Ryan Selkis, the CEO of Messari, in a 168-page report on his 2023 predictions, the market’s direction is „still all about macro and regulation.“ He believes that the market sentiment is that there will be a recession in 2023, with some debate over its potential magnitude. However, there are some investors who think that the Fed will pivot once the recession reaches its peak.

Overall, Bitcoin (BTC) has been able to avoid the losses seen in U.S. stocks, as investors are beginning to reconsider their expectations on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Furthermore, the Central Bank of Indonesia’s white paper outlines a world with a government-sanctioned payment layer, which could provide more efficient, secure, and transparent transactions. Finally, the positive economic data has revived fears that the Federal Reserve may need to keep tightening monetary policy in order to control inflation. As such, it remains to be seen whether the market will reach a recession in 2023 or if the Fed will pivot in the near future.

Miners Power Down to Help Grid During Storm, Hashrate Drops 40%

• Miners across the U.S. powered down over the weekend due to a powerful storm sweeping North America.
• The Bitcoin mining hashrate dropped 40%, to 156 EH/s, between Dec. 21 and Dec. 24, data from BTC.com show.
• Major miners, including Riot Blockchain and Core Scientific, have curtailed operations, while 99% of industrial scale bitcoin mining load was turned off in Texas.

The weekend of December 21-24 saw a powerful storm sweep across North America, leading to miners across the U.S. temporarily shutting down operations. This practice, known as curtailment, is a way for miners to help electricity grids by ensuring power producers are bringing in revenue to offset costs.

Data from BTC.com showed that the Bitcoin mining hashrate, a measure of computing power on the blockchain, dropped by 40%, or 100 exahash per second (EH/s), to 156 EH/s, between Dec. 21 and Dec. 24. It returned to about 250 EH/s as of Dec. 25.

Major miners, including Riot Blockchain and Core Scientific, have curtailed operations, while Lee Bratcher, the founder and president of industry group Texas Blockchain Council, reported that 99% of industrial scale bitcoin mining load was turned off in Texas at 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Dennis Porter, who advocates for the industry through non-profit group Satoshi Action Fund, said that the miners‘ curtailment is proof that they are supporting the electric grid. The storm was responsible for at least 37 deaths, according to CNN, and sent temperatures as low as -50°F (-45°C) in the western U.S. state of Montana, according to the BBC.

The move by miners to help the electric grid is an important reminder that the cryptocurrency industry is becoming more socially integrated with the traditional economy. It also shows that the miners are willing to work together with local and regional power providers in order to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

How a Sked Knife Block Deal Burst Can Benefit Any Home Chef

A home cook using the best tools is crucial to create the perfect meal. A single of the most crucial kitchen tools is a knife set and having the Sked knife block bargain will assist in taking any dish to the highest stage. The Sked knife block is an assortment of knives that includes a block specifically designed to store the knives. This kind of block is especially helpful for cooks who cook at home as it allows them to keep their knives in order and readily accessible.

What Is a Sked Knife Block Deal?

The Sked Block Deal for knives is selection of knives that comes with a special blocks for storage. The block is constructed of wood and specifically designed to keep the knives in a secure manner. The block is generally constructed from maple or oak and is equipped with a variety of slots that are able to hold various knives. The knives included in the Sked knife block are typically of high-quality and are made of stainless steel. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes . They are made to last and durable.

The Benefits of a Sked Knife Block Deal

An Sked knife block bargain provides many benefits to anyone who cooks at home. One of the primary benefits of an Sked block of knives is that it permits for quick access to the knives. The knives are held securely within the block, which means they can be easily removed when needed. This makes it simpler and faster to cook meals.

Another benefit of having a Sked knife block is that it allows to organize the knives. The block is constructed with multiple slots, which means it can accommodate various knives. This ensures that knives don’t lose their place or get lost.

Types of Sked Knife Block Deals

An Sked knife block is available in various dimensions and styles. They are available as small, medium, or large sizes, based on the amount of knives to be kept. They are also available in various designs, including contemporary, classic and rustic.

Selecting the Right Sked Knife Block Deal

When choosing the Sked knives block it is crucial to think about the size and the type of knives to be kept. Blocks that are larger will be required to accommodate a greater number of knives, whereas smaller blocks are better for smaller sets. It is also essential to take into consideration the style of the block, since it will have to match with the overall style in the kitchen.

Using a Sked Knife Block Deal

After the Sked block deal for knives has been chosen, it is crucial to utilize it properly. The knives must be put in blocks in such a manner which makes them easy to access. They must also be put in the right slots, so that you can make sure that the knives are safe and well-organized.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Sked Knife Block Deal

It is essential to keep your block clean and maintained. Sked knives block frequently. The block needs to be cleaned down frequently to get rid of any dirt or dust. The knives must also be sharpened and cleaned frequently to ensure that they’re in good state of repair.


The Sked Block Deal for knives is a vital appliance for any cook at home. It offers a safe and organized method of storing various knives and allows to get them out when you need. The Sked knife block assists in keeping the knives in good state. With the proper Sked knife block bargain anyone will be able to take his cooking and cooking experience to the next step.

The Complete Guide to Govee LED TV Backlight

With the advent of modern technology and the ever-changing pace of our times the need for more efficient and more efficient methods of viewing our favorite films and shows continues to increase. One of the most innovative and modern innovations that have revolutionized the ways we view TV is the LED television backlight. This groundbreaking product utilizes lights called LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights to offer an enhanced and authentic visual experiences for those who watch. This article provides an in-depth description of LED TV backlights, including its definition, its advantages and the various types that are available from Govee.

What is LED TV Backlight?

LED TV backlights are a kind of light used to improve the quality of images on TV. It makes use of LED lighting to give viewers a more vivid and authentic viewing experience. The lights are positioned behind the TV and they help create a brighter and more vibrant. Alongside improving image quality LED TV backlights can also be utilized to provide a more immersive viewing experience. It can give a feeling of depth to the picture and to make the colors appear more vivid and realistic.

Advantages of LED TV Backlight

The benefits of using LED TV backlights are numerous. First, it improves the quality of images on the television, making colors appear more vivid and brighter. This will make watching films and TV shows more enjoyable since the colors appear more real. Additionally, LED TV backlight can provide a more immersive viewing experience. The lighting can be utilized to create a sense depth to pictures, making them appear more real. Additionally LED TV backlights are efficient in energy use and could help in reducing the energy use of TVs.

Govee LED TV Backlight

Govee is among the most renowned producers of LED TV backlights. Their products are engineered to give the highest possible quality of image in addition to providing a more immersive viewing experience. They provide a range of various types of backlights which include RGB, RGBW, and RGBWW. Each type of backlight has distinct features, including having the capability to alter intensity, colors and even effects. Govee also provides an app that lets people to operate the backlight using their smartphones.

Installation and Setup of Govee LED TV Backlight

Installing a Govee LED TV backlights is relatively easy. It is the first thing to figure out the dimensions of the backlight required by the TV. Once the dimensions have been identified, the backlight can be mounted to the rear of the screen. Then, an adapter has to be connected between the backlight and to the TV. The backlight will be linked to the application, which allows users to manage the colors the brightness levels, colors, and even effects.

Features of Govee LED TV Backlight

Govee LED TV’s backlight has various options that make it a excellent choice to enhance the quality of images on the TV. It is able to provide a more immersive viewing experience by adding depth to the picture. Users can also modify the brightness, colors, levels, and the effects of the backlight via the application. This lets users customize the backlight according to specific requirements and preferences.

Troubleshooting Tips for Govee LED TV Backlight

If you’re having issues having issues with the Govee Backlight LED on the TV, there’s couple of troubleshooting techniques that could be utilized. First, they should ensure they have the right backlight connected to the adapter and TV. If this fails to resolve the issue, users can try to reset the backlight by pressing the button for 5 minutes. If the problem continues customers should call Govee customer service for more assistance.


LED TV backlights are an ideal way to boost the image quality of TVs and provide an experience that is more immersive. Govee is among the top producers of LED TV backlights. They offer several different kinds of backlights, and an application that lets users to manage the colors as well as the brightness levels and other effects. The installation of the backlight is a straightforward process and the user can resolve any issues they encounter with the device. With the correct backlight, users will be able to enjoy better picture quality and an enhanced watching experience.

Does your laptop’s keyboard not functioning? Here’s how you can solve it quickly

Do you require assistance in determining why your laptop’s keyboard is not working? Chat one-on-one to an electronics expert via JustAnswer the official Android Authority partner.

Laptops are convenient portable machines, but they can cause headaches when anything goes wrong, given their all-in-one nature. This is especially the case if you’re having issues with the keyboard not working. You can do a few things to get it back up and running — some are relatively easy, and others are a bit more complicated.

Whatever the case it’s possible to solve your keyboard issues but it’s an issue of how fast you’ll be able to do it and whether you’ll need to pay for the work. This could be a hardware issue but we’ve got some advice to determine if the issue isn’t as important.

Restart your computer

If you’re experiencing PC issues This is the first step to take before attempting to resolve the issue. Restarting your computer is fast easy and can resolve the issue in the keyboard’s absence. It’s good to know that you don’t need a keyboard that works to restart your laptop. You can do this with either a touchpad or mouse.

How do you restart a computer:

  1. Hit the Windows button.
  2. Click Power. power button.
  3. Select Restart.

If you’re experiencing issues with your touchpad or mouse then press and hold the power button that is designated for the computer for a couple of seconds. After that, the device will shut off. Turn it to on again by pressing that exact button.

If your keyboard isn’t functioning after a fresh reboot It’s time to go to the next steps.

Cleanse the keyboard

The issue with laptop keyboards is the they generally have very little space and movement, which means that the spaces between the keys are much smaller. Sometimes, dust, hair and other particles can impact the keyboard’s functionality. Make sure to clean your keyboard as often as you can, which could suffice to bring your keyboard back to working well.

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Before you begin ensure that you turn off your laptop and disconnect it for security reasons. Turn the laptop upside-down when you’ve done that after which you can gently shake the laptop before you press it against the bottom. It’s likely that you’ll be able to rid yourself of any dust or dirt that has gotten beneath the keyboard. It is also possible to blow air directly into your keyboard or even better utilize a canister filled with compressed air.

Use an external keyboard

It’s not a bad idea to plug in an extra keyboard into your laptop to test it to see if it works. If the keyboard you have purchased doesn’t work, the odds are that the issue is software-related. If the keyboard on your external device works but it doesn’t work, because this could suggest that there’s an even more serious issue with the hardware that is affecting the keyboard on your laptop. Do not fret, however you have a chance to fix it!

Update the drivers for your keyboard

Sometimes software gets corrupted or gets corrupted. This also happens with driver components that you can replace if you’re struggling with your laptop’s keyboard not functioning.

How do you update the keyboard driver:

  1. Click the Search button on the Windows taskbar.
  2. Find the Device Manager and then select it.
  3. The option Keyboards option.
  4. Find your keyboard, then right-click on it.
  5. Hit Update driver.
  6. Choose Automatically to find drivers.
  7. Follow the steps to update your drivers. Follow these instructions to update.

Then you can reboot the computer and check whether you’re experiencing any problems with your keyboard not functioning.

Uninstall the driver for your keyboard

If you’re not sure if updating your drivers are helpful, do a complete job of uninstalling the drivers. Don’t worry. It will be recognized by the operating system and install the drivers automatically.

How do you uninstall the drivers for your keyboard:

  1. Click the Search button on the Windows taskbar.
  2. Find the Device Manager and choose it.
  3. The keyboards option.
  4. Find your keyboard and then right-click on it.
  5. Hit Uninstall device.
  6. Select the option to confirm by clicking Remove.

Restart your computer, and make sure that the keyboard is functioning.

Check the layout settings of your keyboard

Are you still having trouble getting your keyboard to working? Let’s examine the settings. If your keyboard is working but you’re typing different characters, then it’s likely that you’re using a different keyboard layout. We’ll get it back to English (or whatever layout your keyboard is using).

How do you change the layout of your keyboard’s languages:

  1. Hit the Windows button.
  2. Locate it in the Setting app and then open it.
  3. Go into Time & language.
  4. Choose Language and Region.
  5. Under Preferred languages, find your language. Click on the three dots menu button that is next to it.
  6. Choose the language option.
  7. Check out the Keyboards section, and make sure you’ve installed the keyboard’s native layout.

Be sure to look for viruses and malware.

Malware and viruses can harm your computer in various ways. One of them is that it can hinder your keyboard’s functionality. It’s difficult to rid your computer of viruses or malware on your own However, there’s a lot of excellent software that can aid you in cleaning up your PC.

Popular applications to deal with viruses and malware:

  • Malwarebytes
  • Avast
  • McAfee
  • Norton

You can also use Windows Security, Microsoft’s native antivirus software. It is pre-installed on Windows devices and performs well.

Enter the BIOS

We’ve gone through all the fundamental options in terms of software and settings. Now , it’s time to dive deeper into the system’s more complex options. We’ll examine the BIOS and see whether the system is able to recognize the keyboard.

Here’s how. Start your computer, then enter the BIOS. This can be done by repeatedly pressing a certain key while your computer is booting. What key to press is dependent on the laptop you’re usingtypically, it’s the F2 key or delete. The exact keys you should use will usually be shown on the bottom of the screen as your computer is starting up. However, this isn’t always the case however. A simple Google search can assist you in finding your laptop’s particular procedure for getting into the BIOS.

If you’re able to get into the BIOS there’s a possibility that a software problem could be the cause of your keyboard-related issue. If you’re unable to enter BIOS it’s likely that you’re experiencing a hardware issue.

In addition: Windows 11 Start many isn’t working? Here’s how you can solve the issue!

Beware: We’ve discovered that the reason why your keyboard that isn’t working could be a hardware issue. The upcoming guidelines require at least a small amount of tweaking your hardware. Be aware that doing this can end your warranty and it could damage your device if you aren’t aware of exactly what you’re doing. Make sure you do your research, remain vigilant, and keep in mind that any incident that occurs is solely your accountability. If you aren’t comfortable playing with your gadget, you should avoid all of it and seek professional assistance.

Is there anything that isn’t connected?

If you are familiar with your ways around the PC’s internals, you may want to check inside and determine if something is disconnected (or broken). Sometimes, keyboards are removed from motherboards. While you’re at it check to check if any other components appear strange.

Remove the battery

Sometimes, batteries can trigger keyboard-related problems, particularly in the event that it gets too hot. Furthermore, batteries are able to expand as they age which can cause an increase in pressure within the device and making the keyboard move out of its place. You can remove it by connecting your computer directly to the power. Switch on your laptop and check if your keyboard is working.

How do you change your WiFi password – O2 Box 6641

We suggest that you change your default password for Wi-Fi. This is the password that is printed on the lower right of the O2 WiFi router. To get this done, connect to your router’s Wi-Fi network and navigate into the security setting for Wi-Fi.

Your Wi-Fi password must be at minimum 20 characters. Use lower and upper capital letters special characters, numbers and special characters. Choose a random mixture of numbers and letters, and beware of dates and names. birth. They are usually difficult to determine. Your Wi-Fi router is secure and you are secure.

Think about who you will give your Wi-Fi password. If needed, you can set up an uninitiated WLAN to which users are restricted access. To know the exact changes in your WLAN password and the best way to setup guest access, follow these specifically-designed guidelines on your router. Changes can be done easily using your personal computer with the O2 my Service Suite..

Make your new password on your O2 my Service Suite

In this section is where you will find our O2 DSL Service Suite Our free software available for Windows PC for the o2 DSL Internet connection. It will help you set the DSL Internet connection smoothly, no matter if it is the day of connection or after. With the help of the o2 DSL Service Suite you can establish your wireless network and optimize it to allow you to use the Internet at the highest speed and reliability.

In general, you will find all the directions regarding the routers we use here in an .pdf document. The instructions will be able to read the full description on how you can change your WLAN security password (some of them are accessible as a PDF document in English).

You can change your WLAN password under the „WLAN“ tab in the o2 Service Suite.

Change your password within your web browser

Step 1 Start your browser and type in the address box, which will open the user interface of your router. If you’re asked to input a password, make sure you enter the password of your chosen router to be able to go to the page of configuration.

If you forget the password for access You must reset your router back to the factory state. However, any individual settings will be removed since your router will go back to the factory state once more. After the reset, a new setting for your router is essential. We’ve explained the steps involved in the process in detail below: How to set up your HomeBox 6640 When the reset of your router you must make sure you have the required information for setting it up on fingertips. You’ll require your user name as well as your password for internet access , and also the PIN code in case your connection was setup with a PIN code. All of these details were given to you when you received your order confirmation of your O2 purchase.

Follow the steps shown on your screen.

Step 2 You can alter the WIFI encryption key by go to “ Heimnetz“ > „WLAN“ under the menu “ Verschlusselung„.

The encryption method WPA2 is pre-set. In the area “ WPA-Schlussel“ the password you would like to use. It must be between 8 to 63 characters. The key may contain small and capital letters as well as unique symbols and numerals. Your WIFI key must at a minimum contain 20 characters, including small and capital numbers, letters and special characters. It may be useful to create a random mix of these. Don’t use names or birthdays as they can be easily deduced by other people. Keep track of the WIFI key and keep it securely. It could be needed in the future if you need to setup WIFI for various other gadgets, e.g. tablet or smartphone. Once you have changed the key after that, you must enter it on all of your existing network devices, so that they are able to connect the WIFI network.