How do you change your WiFi password – O2 Box 6641

We suggest that you change your default password for Wi-Fi. This is the password that is printed on the lower right of the O2 WiFi router. To get this done, connect to your router’s Wi-Fi network and navigate into the security setting for Wi-Fi.

Your Wi-Fi password must be at minimum 20 characters. Use lower and upper capital letters special characters, numbers and special characters. Choose a random mixture of numbers and letters, and beware of dates and names. birth. They are usually difficult to determine. Your Wi-Fi router is secure and you are secure.

Think about who you will give your Wi-Fi password. If needed, you can set up an uninitiated WLAN to which users are restricted access. To know the exact changes in your WLAN password and the best way to setup guest access, follow these specifically-designed guidelines on your router. Changes can be done easily using your personal computer with the O2 my Service Suite..

Make your new password on your O2 my Service Suite

In this section is where you will find our O2 DSL Service Suite Our free software available for Windows PC for the o2 DSL Internet connection. It will help you set the DSL Internet connection smoothly, no matter if it is the day of connection or after. With the help of the o2 DSL Service Suite you can establish your wireless network and optimize it to allow you to use the Internet at the highest speed and reliability.

In general, you will find all the directions regarding the routers we use here in an .pdf document. The instructions will be able to read the full description on how you can change your WLAN security password (some of them are accessible as a PDF document in English).

You can change your WLAN password under the „WLAN“ tab in the o2 Service Suite.

Change your password within your web browser

Step 1 Start your browser and type in the address box, which will open the user interface of your router. If you’re asked to input a password, make sure you enter the password of your chosen router to be able to go to the page of configuration.

If you forget the password for access You must reset your router back to the factory state. However, any individual settings will be removed since your router will go back to the factory state once more. After the reset, a new setting for your router is essential. We’ve explained the steps involved in the process in detail below: How to set up your HomeBox 6640 When the reset of your router you must make sure you have the required information for setting it up on fingertips. You’ll require your user name as well as your password for internet access , and also the PIN code in case your connection was setup with a PIN code. All of these details were given to you when you received your order confirmation of your O2 purchase.

Follow the steps shown on your screen.

Step 2 You can alter the WIFI encryption key by go to “ Heimnetz“ > „WLAN“ under the menu “ Verschlusselung„.

The encryption method WPA2 is pre-set. In the area “ WPA-Schlussel“ the password you would like to use. It must be between 8 to 63 characters. The key may contain small and capital letters as well as unique symbols and numerals. Your WIFI key must at a minimum contain 20 characters, including small and capital numbers, letters and special characters. It may be useful to create a random mix of these. Don’t use names or birthdays as they can be easily deduced by other people. Keep track of the WIFI key and keep it securely. It could be needed in the future if you need to setup WIFI for various other gadgets, e.g. tablet or smartphone. Once you have changed the key after that, you must enter it on all of your existing network devices, so that they are able to connect the WIFI network.